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Economic development is a key ingredient in local government regional and local planning and development policy. The drive towards effective solutions in terms of job and business creation is coupled with the long-term objective of shaping and building up the area’s infrastructure.

The economic strategy of the Région Alsace and the Départements of the Bas-Rhin and the Haut-Rhin is centred on improving conditions for business, facilitating their establishment and expansion in all parts of Alsace and offering support and guidance tailored to developments both in the wider economy and in individual businesses.

With these goals in mind, the local authorities have supported a programme aimed at establishing an attractive, high-quality portfolio of greenfield and public property sites for businesses, taking care to cater to the needs of business, regardless of company size or sector.

Furthermore, in order to promote and facilitate business start-ups, thus injecting new life into the local economy, the local authorities have supported the creation of Young Business Development Centres and business centres. These establishments are powerful tools in the drive to create and nurture new businesses. In order to maximize their impact, the local authorities take great care to ensure they are both perfectly tailored to the needs of the local economic environment and capable of working seamlessly with the network of local economic actors.



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