Our Partners


ADIRA, Agence de développement économique du Bas-Rhin

ADIRA, the Economic Development agency for the Bas-Rhin, provides support and guidance for companies and local authorities in the Bas-Rhin for their business development programmes and plans. This ‘Association de droit local’ (body governed by local law), has more than 60 years' experience. Its members include the region’s main economic, political and societal players.


CAHR, Comité d'action économique du Haut-Rhin

The CAHR’s objectives are to encourage businesses to set up in the area, to facilitate business expansion, to promote the Haut-Rhin area and to offer support to political and economic decision-makers in the economic sphere. It is part of the economic development arsenal of the département du Haut-Rhin, funded by the Conseil Départemental du Haut-Rhin.


Access Alsace

Access Alsace aims at boosting the position of Alsace by capitalising on its leadership in the areas of innovation and excellence. AAA is committed to promoting the advantages of Alsace by highlighting the region’s major assets in the fields of economy, tourism, quality of life, education and research, culture, creation, gastronomy.


Région Alsace

Vocational training, rail transport, the economy, sustainable development, working with young people - the Région Alsace is constantly working to improve connections within Alsace and with the wider world, making Alsace an even better place to live and do business in.

The Région’s economic strategy is based on 4 interconnected approaches: boosting investment/equity holdings in businesses, direct grants to SMEs, support for certain key sectors (low energy housing, health, electric vehicles) and reinforcing the region’s ‘pull factors’, one essential factor being a quality supply of greenfield and public property sites for business.


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Conseil Départemental du Bas-Rhin

The responsibilities of the Conseil Départemental du Bas-Rhin place it at the very heart of daily life in the Bas-Rhin  (social welfare, education, the roads network, the environment and rural planning and development, transport, heritage and the arts, sports, housing, young people...). It is also behind numerous initiatives aimed at boosting growth in the fields of industry, research and development, trade and commerce, tourism and agriculture. As the key partner for towns, villages and ‘intercommunalités’, it offers them financial support in most of the projects that they are involved in.


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Conseil Départemental du Haut-Rhin

The Conseil Départemental du Haut-Rhin’s remit covers a very wide range of areas: welfare and helping the vulnerable, education and youth work, heritage and the arts, transport and infrastructure, agriculture, the natural, working and living environments, the economy, tourism, higher education and research and development…

Its work in the field of economic and local development is an integral part of a pro-active strategy aimed at promoting long-term development and job creation. This work makes the most of the specific strengths and the potential of each local ‘territoire de vie’ and of the position of the Département du Haut-Rhin in a cross-border environment.


Chambres de Commerce et d'Industrie d'Alsace

The network of CCI in Alsace (Strasbourg /Bas Rhin, Colmar Centre Alsace, Sud Alsace Mulhouse) defends the interests of some 60,000 businesses at state and local authority level. It is committed to promoting the economic development of the region by pooling its expertise and resources along the following lines: Business start-ups and transfer of ownership, help with administrative formalities, economic and legal advice, local development, advice on doing business abroad, support for businesses in the retail, industrial and tertiary sectors, vocational training.