Welcome to Alsace!

This bicultural and bilingual region at the junction of France, Germany and Switzerland is a small region but one of the most densely populated in France, with 222 inhabitants per square kilometre as compared with the French average of 114 inhabitants per square kilometre. What's more, the population of Alsace is relatively young in comparison with the French average.

Alsace is an economic and scientific powerhouse as well as the optimal platform for driving pan-European business development. High-quality infrastructures by air, road, rail or boat help you to capitalize on this privileged position.

Alsace is also located on the Paris-Frankfurt axis, the world’s 3rd most important information highway. Thanks to strong political will, a fiber optic network almost 600 miles long covers a hundred towns in Alsace including some 200 business parks.

More than 1,200 foreign companies have already decided to leverage our industry, universities and scientific research while benefitting from the best quality of life in Europe!

Doing business from the heart of Europe makes good sense!